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Kauai Ocean Kritters

Hawaiian Sea TUrtle

So the ocean is where you can be pretty sure the kritters are indigenous to Kauai, or at least to the ocean around Kauai!    oh and they are magnificent!    The Turtle, Dolphin, Whale, Shark… those amazing Kauai Ocean Kritters that so many people want to see on Kauai.      It seems as […]

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Kauai Kritters on Land

Chameleon on Kauai

What animals or Kritters come to mind when you think about Kauai?     Whales?  Dolphins?  Sharks?   Albatross?     Kauai is home to some extraordinary and beautiful kritters      I originally did one post and then realized it was too long so there are 3 separate posts :  Kauai Kritters on Land, Kauai Ocean Kritters […]

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Top 10 Kauai Beaches (by a local)

Famous Hanalei Bay and Valley

Okay, so I know that quite a few people have written their Top 10 Kauai beaches .. but usually those are written by people who don’t live on Kauai!   So I thought I would offer my humble opinion.    Of course, it did cross my mind that I don’t want everyone coming to my favorite…. […]

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