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Most famous Movies made on Kauai
Click HERE to download the Kauai Advisor KAUAI GUIDE!  Most famous Movies on Kauai.    I suddenly thought - why[...]
Kauai Wedding: Top 5 Beaches to get married
Kauai~ One of the top destinations in the world to get married.   So here's what you need to know[...]
Where to Stay on Kauai ~ North Shore
First trip to Kauai?    So, Where to stay on Kauai ~ North Shore.    Well here's the thing.  [...]
Kauai Churches
Churches abound on Kauai.    I don't profess to know all of the denominations of Churches on Kauai personally but[...]
“Princeville Ruins” ~ Stunning Views of the Bay
Click HERE to download the Kauai Advisor KAUAI GUIDE!  I go to the "Ruins" as we all call it often.[...]
Must see Spots on Kauai
Well, I've heard it said that the whole of Kauai is a Must see Spot but there are some things[...]
Best places to buy Organic Veggies & Fruit on Kauai
Here's my take on the Best places to buy Organic Veggies & Fruit on Kauai. I was going to do[...]
Polihale Beach Kauai
Polihale Beach on Kauai  - Hanalei Bay may be the most famous beach on Kauai but Polihale beach.... ahh, there's[...]
Kauai Convoy Information Update
Everyone who comes to Kauai becomes aware of the Kauai Convoy; the convoy system which is currently in operation so[...]
Kauai Opens April 5
Phew, well it's been a long time coming, but it appears - and perhaps I have been cautious in waiting[...]
Kauai Travel Update December 2020
Kauai Travel Update December 2020   Effective Dec 3rd,  the Governor of Hawaii approved the Mayor of Kauai's recommendation for[...]
Kauai Exotic Fruit 3
This is the final post about Kauai Exotic Fruit...for now.   Perhaps later on I will post another when enough people[...]
Kauai Exotic Fruit 2
Click HERE to download the Kauai Advisor KAUAI GUIDE!  This is the second post devoted to Kauai Exotic Fruit.   The[...]
Most Fun Activities on Kauai!
Kauai has a vast range of activities to do; lots in the ocean, more in the rivers and even more[...]
Kauai Exotic Fruit 1
  Click HERE to download the Kauai Advisor KAUAI GUIDE!  So this is a big subject.    At first glance,[...]
Most Romantic Beaches on Kauai
As I wrote that title, my head was filled with "well all the beaches on Kauai are romantic!"     Yes,[...]
Kauai Restaurants West Side
Kauai Restaurants West Side may seem a little shorter than the posts for the other parts of the island but[...]
Kauai Restaurants South Shore
This post covers restaurants anywhere from Lihue to Poipu, Koloa and Kalaheo.   Again, restaurants on Kauai seem to be an[...]
Kauai Restaurants East Side
Here we go with the best Kauai restaurants East Side of the island.     There's a lot!    I was[...]
Kauai Restaurants North Shore
What to expect with restaurants on Kauai?    The thought that flashed through my mind is that there is a[...]
Christmas on Kauai!
Christmas on Kauai is definitely different to Christmas in most of the US and Europe.    The main thing is[...]
The Truth about Kauai Weather
Doesn't it rain all the time on the North Shore?    I can't tell you how many times people who[...]
Kauai Road Opening Update
I'm offering this update as there still seems to be confusion about what is happening on Kauai from Hanelei to[...]
Serene Meditation Spots on Kauai
Meditation has thankfully become a part of many people's lives across the Western hemisphere.     Whilst meditating anywhere is an[...]
Best Shell beaches on Kauai
There's something timeless about walking along a beach looking for shells isn't there?   From the time we are children, it's[...]
Back Home on Magical Kauai!
I just returned to Kauai after being away for several months in Europe; a necessary trip as my daughter was[...]
Kauai’s West Side
Kauai's West Side is the dry part of the island.    Plumerias abound, as do mangoes in season.   Oh the[...]
Kauai’s South Shore
The south shore of Kauai is very different from the North Shore.. Poipu has changed quite considerably in the last[...]
Kauai’s East Side ~ The Coconut Coast
I remember when I first moved to Kauai driving from the airport and coming into Kapa'a town.    It seemed[...]
Kauai’s North Shore
So you are coming to Kauai.   Where to stay?   I’ve been here for more than 18 years finding[...]
Camping on Kauai
It's hard to  put into words how much I Love camping on Kauai.    I mean I LOVE camping on[...]
Mauna Kea : Caring for the ‘Aina
  Since July 15, there are Native Hawaiians and Hawaiians (people who live in Hawaii) sitting, standing and be-ing in[...]
Kauai Music
A rather all encompassing subject perhaps; I was wondering whether to call this post "Music & Entertainment" or just Entertainment. [...]
Organic Kauai Products
Following my post on "Organic Kauai",  I wanted to delve deeper into some of the terrific Organic products that you[...]
Kauai Waterfalls ~ abundant, amazing & awesome!
Click HERE to download the Kauai Advisor KAUAI GUIDE!  Kauai is famous for the Na Pali Coast; dramatic 3000 foot[...]
What to wear on Kauai
If you have been to Kauai before, or perhaps to the other islands, you probably have a pretty good idea[...]
Speaking Hawaiian ~ Embracing the Aloha Spirit
Click HERE to download the Kauai Advisor KAUAI GUIDE!  Aloha! Even those people who have not been to Hawaii know[...]
Extreme Kauai Adventure
Okay then!    For those of you out there who just have to do the most daring, extreme thing you[...]
Kauai’s Enchanting Botanical Gardens
Kauai has the most enchanting botanical gardens.   Conde Nast names Na Aina Kai as one of the most beautiful in[...]
Family Friendly Beaches on Kauai
Although Kauai is a top destination for honeymooners and romantic couples, it's also a top destination for families with children. [...]
Yoga on Kauai
Yoga has become such a part of mainstream Western society that it seems wherever you go in the world, yoga[...]
Kauai’s most Romantic Sunset Spots
Many people come to Kauai on their Honeymoon or to get married.   It's one of the top destinations in the[...]
Organic Kauai
I have a Hawaiian Uncle here on Island who is in his 80s.   He is so strong and fit.   [...]
Kauai Birds
I'iwi Bird ~ Kauai Native Above is the beautiful I'iwi bird, native to the Hawaiian islands and found mostly in[...]
Kauai Ocean Kritters
So the ocean is where you can be pretty sure the kritters are indigenous to Kauai, or at least to[...]
Kauai Kritters on Land
What animals or Kritters come to mind when you think about Kauai?     Whales?  Dolphins?  Sharks?   Albatross?     Kauai is[...]
Where to stay on Kauai
This is something I know a little bit about, since I have been helping visitors to Kauai find the perfect[...]
Kauai’s Top 10 Activities ~ Part 2
Here we go with Kauai's Top 10 Activities Part 2 .   More fun on the horizon!  Part 1 of Top[...]
Kauai’s Top 10 Activities ~ Part One
With this post, I'm concentrating on the overall Kauai's Top 10 Activities  ~ Part 1.  In subsequent posts, I will[...]
Kauai Style at the Beach
  Let's talk about "Kauai Style at the beach".     When this post first popped into my head, I thought[...]
Tropical Green Kauai ~ The Garden Isle
The Garden Isle Kauai has been known for years as "The Garden Isle".   Not sure how many years, but certainly[...]
Aloha ~ The Spirit of Hawaii
Aloha! Even those who have never been to Hawaii or Kauai are familiar with the word.    The Aloha Spirit[...]
Hanalei Kauai
Click HERE to download the Kauai Advisor KAUAI GUIDE!  Hanalei Kauai ~ Hanalei Moon "When you see Hanalei by Moonlight,[...]
Most Romantic Spots to Propose on Kauai
Oh this is one of my favorite topics! So many people come to Kauai to get married or propose.... it's[...]
Great Hikes Kauai ~ Adventure on your Horizon!
Did you ever see Jurassic Park?   It's no secret that it was filmed on Kauai.   That scene where they are[...]
Na Pali Coast Kauai : Majestic, Celebrated & Magnificent
If you see one thing on Kauai, it must be the fabled Na Pali Coast.    Majestic 3000 foot emerald[...]
Scents of Kauai ~ Embracing Exotic Flowers
One of the most enchanting things about Kauai are the flowers.    Tropical flowers are so ... exotic!   They have[...]
Top 10 Kauai Beaches (by a local)
Okay, so I know that quite a few people have written their Top 10 Kauai beaches .. but usually those[...]
Kauai ~ Enchanting Garden Isle ~ it’s like a Warm Hug
Click HERE to download the Kauai Advisor KAUAI GUIDE!  Kauai ~ First impressions of Enchanting Garden Isle My family and[...]