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Scents of Kauai ~ Embracing Exotic Flowers

Kauai Pink Hibiscus Exotic Flower

One of the most enchanting things about Kauai are the flowers.    Tropical flowers are so … exotic!   They have scents that are so different to the flowers I grew up with in Europe.     In the UK we have beautiful wildflowers, gorgeous Roses, exquisite sweetpeas and Geraniums and some of those have scents, especially […]

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2 Top 10 Kauai Beaches (by a local)

Famous Hanalei Bay and Valley

Okay, so I know that quite a few people have written their Top 10 Kauai beaches .. but usually those are written by people who don’t live on Kauai!   So I thought I would offer my humble opinion.    Of course, it did cross my mind that I don’t want everyone coming to my favorite…. […]

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