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2 Aloha ~ The Spirit of Hawaii

The Spirit of Hawaii Aloha and Sand

Aloha! Even those who have never been to Hawaii or Kauai are familiar with the word.    The Aloha Spirit is so much more than a word.  Most people know also that it is used in greeting both at the beginning and end of a meeting.    Ah, but it’s so much more.  It’s funny.  […]

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Hanalei Kauai

Famous Hanalei Bay Kauai

Click HERE to download the Kauai Advisor KAUAI GUIDE!  Hanalei Kauai ~ Hanalei Moon “When you see Hanalei by Moonlight, you will be in Heaven by the Sea Every breeze, every wave will whisper you are mine don’t ever go away Hanalei, Hanalei Moon is lighting  beloved Kauai Hanalei, Hanalei Moon Aloha no wa’u ia […]

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