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Kauai Restaurants North Shore

Delicious fruit Kauai

What to expect with restaurants on Kauai?    The thought that flashed through my mind is that there is a huge variety but that it’s also constantly changing.   Kauai restaurants on the North Shore represents a different landscape to what was there 10, even 5 years ago.     That’s a positive thing!    There are […]

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Christmas on Kauai!

Santa's Hat & Snow

Christmas on Kauai is definitely different to Christmas in most of the US and Europe.    The main thing is that there’s no snow and it’s warm!     I moved here from Boulder, CO where Chritmasses were snowy and you know… as they are supposed to be on the Xmas card.     It’s taken awhile […]

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The Truth about Kauai Weather

Rainbow over Kauai

Doesn’t it rain all the time on the North Shore?    I can’t tell you how many times people who have not been to Kauai have said that to me over the last 19 years…. at least 100, not kidding.   Nooooooo!     I live on the North Shore and having grown up in cold, rainy […]

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Kauai Road Opening Update

Ke'e beach parking Kauai

I’m offering this update as there still seems to be confusion about what is happening on Kauai from Hanelei to the end of the road (Ke’e beach, Ha’ena State Park and the beginning of the Na Pali Coast) following the flood closure after the April 2018 flood.   So here is the Kauai Road Opening Update […]

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Serene Meditation Spots on Kauai

Monk Meditating

Meditation has thankfully become a part of many people’s lives across the Western hemisphere.     Whilst meditating anywhere is an excellent practice, I find meditating outdoors on the Earth is an even more rewarding experience.     Over the years, I have found some wonderful serene meditation spots on Kauai. North Shore Ke’e beach or Tunnels […]

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