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1 Kauai Waterfalls ~ abundant, amazing & awesome!

Ho'opi'i Falls Kauai Silking

Click HERE to download the Kauai Advisor KAUAI GUIDE!  Kauai is famous for the Na Pali Coast; dramatic 3000 foot emerald green cliffs with waterfalls cascading down into the azure ocean below.     The azure blue ocean is inviting, beautiful and pristine, but the waterfalls are magnificent; Kauai Waterfalls are abundant, amazing & awesome! There […]

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1 What to wear on Kauai

Hawaiian woman in shorts & bikini top

If you have been to Kauai before, or perhaps to the other islands, you probably have a pretty good idea of what to wear on island .   Kauai Style is not quite like anywhere else.  Not really.   So what do you wear on Kauai? Even if you live in Encinitas or elsewhere in Southern California, […]

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Speaking Hawaiian ~ Embracing the Aloha Spirit

Hawaiian paddlers

Click HERE to download the Kauai Advisor KAUAI GUIDE!  Aloha! Even those people who have not been to Hawaii know that word.    Made famous in countless Hollywood movies, it’s the word that immediately communicates “Hawaii” or Speaking Hawaiian.   Hawaiian words are so beautiful aren’t they?    Aloha, Mahalo, Lei, Lani, Kuleana… they sound […]

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Extreme Kauai Adventure

Sky Diving over Kauai

Okay then!    For those of you out there who just have to do the most daring, extreme thing you can do on any vacation (or anywhere else for that matter) this one’s for you.    Extreme Kauai Adventure. There are only 5 things that qualify on Kauai in my humble opinion :    Sky […]

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Kauai’s Enchanting Botanical Gardens

Princeville Botanical Gardens

Kauai has the most enchanting botanical gardens.   Conde Nast names Na Aina Kai as one of the most beautiful in the world, as does “Endless Vacation” and AAA names Allerton as one of the top 7 in the world.   Those are just a few of the accolades out on the web.   Serious gardeners and connoisseurs […]

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Family Friendly Beaches on Kauai

Boys on the Beach

Although Kauai is a top destination for honeymooners and romantic couples, it’s also a top destination for families with children.   Fortunately, there are lots of activities for families to do on Kauai and there are more than a few beaches where it’s safe for young children and families.   So here’s the top family friendly beaches […]

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Yoga on Kauai

Yoga on Kauai

Yoga has become such a part of mainstream Western society that it seems wherever you go in the world, yoga is on offer :  Hatha and all the myriad of different styles of yoga that have followed on.    Kauai is no different and over the years there are so many people who during the […]

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Kauai’s most Romantic Sunset Spots

Many people come to Kauai on their Honeymoon or to get married.   It’s one of the top destinations in the world for both.    Not surprising really, I mean; Kauai has it all:  Sun, Sand, Mountains and gorgeous locations to create special memories.    Kauai’s most Romantic Sunset Spots are impressive indeed! One of the […]

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Organic Kauai

Kauai Farmacy Smoothie

I have a Hawaiian Uncle here on Island who is in his 80s.   He is so strong and fit.    I love listening to him tell me stories about growing up on Kauai in the 30s and 40s, about ranching in the 60s when Princeville was just ranchland and there were no resorts.    The […]

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Kauai Birds

I'iwi BIrd Kauai

I’iwi Bird ~ Kauai Native Above is the beautiful I’iwi bird, native to the Hawaiian islands and found mostly in Koke’e and some other higher mountainous regions these days.     Look at that color!    It’s sad that many of Kauai’s native birds are either extinct (see below) or just not as prevalent as they […]

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Kauai Ocean Kritters

Hawaiian Sea TUrtle

So the ocean is where you can be pretty sure the kritters are indigenous to Kauai, or at least to the ocean around Kauai!    oh and they are magnificent!    The Turtle, Dolphin, Whale, Shark… those amazing Kauai Ocean Kritters that so many people want to see on Kauai.      It seems as […]

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Kauai Kritters on Land

Chameleon on Kauai

What animals or Kritters come to mind when you think about Kauai?     Whales?  Dolphins?  Sharks?   Albatross?     Kauai is home to some extraordinary and beautiful kritters      I originally did one post and then realized it was too long so there are 3 separate posts :  Kauai Kritters on Land, Kauai Ocean Kritters […]

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Where to stay on Kauai

Poipu tropical gardens

This is something I know a little bit about, since I have been helping visitors to Kauai find the perfect place to stay for 18 years.     You might think it’s simple – and it is – but finding the vacation rental or Kauai accommodation that’s right for you is sometimes a little harder than […]

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Kauai’s Top 10 Activities ~ Part One

Go into the caves of the Na Pali

With this post, I’m concentrating on the overall Kauai’s Top 10 Activities  ~ Part 1.  In subsequent posts, I will cover the best for families and also “extreme Kauai” activities. Click HERE to download the Kauai Advisor KAUAI GUIDE!    Na Pali Boat Trip   Helicopter Ride   Horseback Riding to a Waterfall   Ziplining […]

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Kauai Style at the Beach

Kauai Style with the hair

  Let’s talk about “Kauai Style at the beach”.     When this post first popped into my head, I thought it was primarily going to be about clothing… as in Kauai clothing style.   Then I realized rather quickly that Kauai Style at the beach encompasses a lot more than just clothes. But ok let’s start […]

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Tropical Green Kauai ~ The Garden Isle

The Garden Isle Kauai Tropical Green

The Garden Isle Kauai has been known for years as “The Garden Isle”.   Not sure how many years, but certainly since I moved here 18 years ago and I’m pretty sure much longer than that!  It’s definitely Tropical, Green Kauai ~ The Garden Isle! Ireland  is referred to as the “Emerald Isle” but Kauai is […]

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2 Aloha ~ The Spirit of Hawaii

The Spirit of Hawaii Aloha and Sand

Aloha! Even those who have never been to Hawaii or Kauai are familiar with the word.    The Aloha Spirit is so much more than a word.  Most people know also that it is used in greeting both at the beginning and end of a meeting.    Ah, but it’s so much more.  It’s funny.  […]

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Hanalei Kauai

Famous Hanalei Bay Kauai

Click HERE to download the Kauai Advisor KAUAI GUIDE!  Hanalei Kauai ~ Hanalei Moon “When you see Hanalei by Moonlight, you will be in Heaven by the Sea Every breeze, every wave will whisper you are mine don’t ever go away Hanalei, Hanalei Moon is lighting  beloved Kauai Hanalei, Hanalei Moon Aloha no wa’u ia […]

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