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The Truth about Kauai Weather

Rainbow over Kauai

Doesn’t it rain all the time on the North Shore?    I can’t tell you how many times people who have not been to Kauai have said that to me over the last 19 years…. at least 100, not kidding.   Nooooooo!     I live on the North Shore and having grown up in cold, rainy […]

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2 Best Shell beaches on Kauai

Cowrie shell on hand

There’s something timeless about walking along a beach looking for shells isn’t there?   From the time we are children, it’s something we all want to do!   Splash about in puddles on the beach and look for shells… and oh!  what a prize when we find one!     Kauai has many beaches and so here’s my […]

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Kauai’s Enchanting Botanical Gardens

Princeville Botanical Gardens

Kauai has the most enchanting botanical gardens.   Conde Nast names Na Aina Kai as one of the most beautiful in the world, as does “Endless Vacation” and AAA names Allerton as one of the top 7 in the world.   Those are just a few of the accolades out on the web.   Serious gardeners and connoisseurs […]

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Kauai Birds

I'iwi BIrd Kauai

I’iwi Bird ~ Kauai Native Above is the beautiful I’iwi bird, native to the Hawaiian islands and found mostly in Koke’e and some other higher mountainous regions these days.     Look at that color!    It’s sad that many of Kauai’s native birds are either extinct (see below) or just not as prevalent as they […]

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Tropical Green Kauai ~ The Garden Isle

The Garden Isle Kauai Tropical Green

The Garden Isle Kauai has been known for years as “The Garden Isle”.   Not sure how many years, but certainly since I moved here 18 years ago and I’m pretty sure much longer than that!  It’s definitely Tropical, Green Kauai ~ The Garden Isle! Ireland  is referred to as the “Emerald Isle” but Kauai is […]

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Scents of Kauai ~ Embracing Exotic Flowers

Kauai Pink Hibiscus Exotic Flower

One of the most enchanting things about Kauai are the flowers.    Tropical flowers are so … exotic!   They have scents that are so different to the flowers I grew up with in Europe.     In the UK we have beautiful wildflowers, gorgeous Roses, exquisite sweetpeas and Geraniums and some of those have scents, especially […]

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