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Kauai Exotic Fruit 1

Bright Pink Dragonfruit

  Click HERE to download the Kauai Advisor KAUAI GUIDE!  So this is a big subject.    At first glance, you might think this is all about coconuts and bananas, papayas and mangoes.    But there’s so much more to exotic fruit on Kauai!      There’s rambutan, mangosteen, ulu (breadfruit), jackfruit, lychee, egg fruit, […]

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Kauai Restaurants West Side

Shave Ice Kauai

Kauai Restaurants West Side may seem a little shorter than the posts for the other parts of the island but that’s simply because the populated West Side “ends” with Waimea town and Kekaha and Waimea is the only town “West side”.  With less of a population (that’s a good thing) , this naturally means fewer […]

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Kauai Restaurants South Shore

Lobster Kauai

This post covers restaurants anywhere from Lihue to Poipu, Koloa and Kalaheo.   Again, restaurants on Kauai seem to be an ever changing phenomenon.   There are a few that have been here years and it seems others constantly opening (and some closing).   So here’s the pick of Kauai Restaurants South Shore.     Lihue Cafe Portofino Oceanfront […]

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Kauai Restaurants East Side

Roasted Black Cod JO2 Kauai

Here we go with the best Kauai restaurants East Side of the island.     There’s a lot!    I was just thinking back 10 years and there was not the choice and variety there is today.    Kapa’a and Wailua are brimming with places to eat.    Lots of good ones too!     Click HERE […]

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Kauai Restaurants North Shore

Delicious fruit Kauai

What to expect with restaurants on Kauai?    The thought that flashed through my mind is that there is a huge variety but that it’s also constantly changing.   Kauai restaurants on the North Shore represents a different landscape to what was there 10, even 5 years ago.     That’s a positive thing!    There are […]

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Kauai Music

Duke's Kauai

A rather all encompassing subject perhaps; I was wondering whether to call this post “Music & Entertainment” or just Entertainment.   What I mean is :   where can you go to hear music, what different types of music you can hear and what about other music on Kauai? Let’s see.   Music.    Some people who come […]

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1 What to wear on Kauai

Hawaiian woman in shorts & bikini top

If you have been to Kauai before, or perhaps to the other islands, you probably have a pretty good idea of what to wear on island .   Kauai Style is not quite like anywhere else.  Not really.   So what do you wear on Kauai? Even if you live in Encinitas or elsewhere in Southern California, […]

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Kauai Style at the Beach

Kauai Style with the hair

  Let’s talk about “Kauai Style at the beach”.     When this post first popped into my head, I thought it was primarily going to be about clothing… as in Kauai clothing style.   Then I realized rather quickly that Kauai Style at the beach encompasses a lot more than just clothes. But ok let’s start […]

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Hanalei Kauai

Famous Hanalei Bay Kauai

Click HERE to download the Kauai Advisor KAUAI GUIDE!  Hanalei Kauai ~ Hanalei Moon “When you see Hanalei by Moonlight, you will be in Heaven by the Sea Every breeze, every wave will whisper you are mine don’t ever go away Hanalei, Hanalei Moon is lighting  beloved Kauai Hanalei, Hanalei Moon Aloha no wa’u ia […]

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