About Kauai Advisor

About Kauai Advisor

Kauai Advisor Kauai Advisor is owned and operated by Francesca Azuremare.    This is the place to find  trusted advice about Kauai.  

I have lived on Kauai for more than 18 years and feel very blessed to live in such a stunningly beautiful place.   I love how it rains in the early morning and then the Sun comes out.   I love the sound of the birds and their vibrant color.   I love the intoxicating scent of pikake and plumeria.I love relaxing at the beach and listening to ocean.   I love the waterfalls and the trade winds.  

Over the years,  I have been giving guests who book through me my Kauai Guide.   I have often been told "it's so much better than the guide books! "  and "why don't you publish it?"   So I finally did that here on my site.   The Kauai Advisor Kauai guide is  your go to source written by someone who lives here for all things Kauai :    You can check out my Kauai Advisor Kauai Guide here!


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