Kauai Churches

Beautiful Church in Hawaii

Churches abound on Kauai.    I don’t profess to know all of the denominations of Churches on Kauai personally but we have quite a few!    We also have some beautiful historical Churches on the island, remnants of the sugar plantation days and before.      I thought I would start with Hanalei and go around the island so that if you are visiting you have some idea of where to worship at Kauai Churches.


Hanalei has the beautiful & historic Wai’oli Hui’ia Church set against the Hanalei mountains, one of the most beautiful Kauai Churches.     People stop to take photos of it all the time as it has stained glass windows and is just picturesque as you can see.

Beautiful Church in Hawaii

Historic Wai’oli Hui’ia Church, Hanalei

Their focus and teaching is very much about Jesus.  The Wai`oli Hui`ia Church has had a continuous record of service since 1834, first as a Congregational Church, and since 1956, as a United Church of Christ.

Having survived two previous hurricanes, Hurricane Dot and Hurricane Iwa, both the Wai`oli Hui`ia Church Sanctuary and the Wai`oli Mission Hall were restored after sustaining significant damage from Hurricane Iniki in 1992. Both buildings are listed on the state and national registers of historic places.   The original building dates from 1847 & was established by the first missionaries to Kauai, William and Mary Alexander.

Sunday service is at 10am and all are welcome.



Calvary Chapel North Shore is in Kilauea town in the old theater building.     So it doesn’t much look like a Church from the outside.   Pastor Steve has been on Kauai for over 30 years and pastoring the church for almost as many.    As with all Calvary Churches,  Pastor Steve adheres to The Word; his sermons can be fiery & funny – he gets the message across!    Great church family of brothers and sisters in The Lord.


Tanned couple in Hawaii

Pastor Steve & his lovely wife Ana

Lighthouse Christian Fellowship

This is the Church located at the Kauai Christian Academy which is the Christian school on the North Shore.   This is a Spirit filled full gospel church so there is a strong belief in the indwelling of The Holy Spirit which helps the brethren live Godly lives.  Service is at 9.30 on Sundays.     Pastor Kahala Knopp is the daughter in law of Pastor John Pastor John “PJ” Schmeling, Jr.  who went to be with The Lord last year after many years of service at the Church.

Christs Memorial Church 

This is an Episcopal Church in Kilauea and as you can see is housed in a lovely stone building (there are quite a few in “old” Kilauea town).    Services are on Sundays at 8am and 9.30.      The Church also has the Shared Blessings Thrift Store just across the street and this is such a blessing for the North Shore.   Such a picturesque Kauai Churches.

Stone church Kauai

Christ Memorial Episcopal Church Kilauea ~ Photo Credit Joseph Dandona Jr.


St. Sylvester Catholic Church 

Rev.  Nicholas Apetorgbor from Ghana presides over this church.   It is a lovely building off Kolo road in Kilauea; please visit the site for full details on weekly services.

Mass times Sundays 7.30 am, 9.30am and 5pm    Monday – Saturday 7am.


Puka’s Church

This wonderful Church meets opposite Kealia beach under tents – well you can do that on Kauai!   Pastor Jason & his wife Melia do a wonderful job of shepherding this growing church.   Focused on Jesus and the word and out in the open!    Service is at 10am on Sunday.

Hawaiian Style Church

Pastor Jason at Puka’s


Kapa’a First Hawaiian Church

From their site:  Worship follows ancient Christian patterns, yet is situated firmly in Hawaiian traditions.   Hymns, anthems, and prayers are in Hawaiian and English.  Scripture is read in Hawaiian; the sermon in English.  Worship is fun and easy-going, although serious concerns of compassion, fairness, and personal relation with God are addressed.   Service is at 10am on Sunday.

Kapa’a Missionary Church

This church was started by two women missionaries, Miss Dorothy Rothfuss and Miss Virginia Meier who came from the Midwest in 1952. They held children’s Bible study classes at Moloaa Camp. The following year (1953) a group of ten people officially became the first members of Kapa’a Missionary Church. They met at the Rapozo Dance Hall (until it was destroyed by Hurricane Dot in 1959). They then moved to a former Children’s Rest Home (behind Mahelona Hospital). In 1964 Kapa’a Missionary Church moved to its current address at 4-758 Kuhio Hwy, Kapa’a.

All Saints Kauai 

This is another Episcopal church on Kauai.   All Saints is very involved in the community  through education, outreach and more.    The All Saints “Gym”. is used for many things including classes of all descriptions.

Service is at 8am and 9.30 am

There are more churches in Kapa’a including United Church of Christ and more.



Lihue Christian Church

The Lihue Christian Church is a congregation of the United Church of Christ, which was formed from the 1957 merger of the Evangelical and Reformed Church and the Congregational Christian Churches.   They have a strong outreach particularly in child education.

Lihue United Church

The history of Lihue United Church is traced back to 1820, when congregational missionaries landed in Waimea, Kauai and began a Church there among the Hawaiian people.  Lihue United Church is the only federated church (United Methodist Church and United Church of Christ)) on Kauai.  Pastor Alex Tychkin leads the church.  They too have a strong outreach in the community including keiki and a Tongan ministry.

Lihue Missionary Church

Lihue Missionary Church is in an unassuming building on Rice street but they have a passion for Jesus.  David Martin is the pastor here along with 7 Elders who assist in shepherding the community.    They also have “Ohana groups” that meet regularly to fellowship, study The Word and more.


Calvary Chapel Lihue

Led by Pastor Bruce Baumgartner, this is the second Calvary Chapel on Kauai.    Strong in teaching The Word and with the usual Keiki & Youth ministries.


Poipu and Koloa

The Church at Koloa

Pastors Harold & Kristy Kilborn focus on God’s word and the present ministry of The Holy Spirit.    The history of the church also dates back to the missionaries in the mid 19th century with the present building being repaired in 1929.     Another of the most beautiful of Kauai Churches.  Sunday service is at 9am

Hawaiian couple

Pastors Harold & Chris Kilborn


St Raphael Catholic Church, Koloa 

St Raphael’s is the Catholic Church in Koloa.    Mass is at 7am and 9.30 am on Sundays and every weekday at 7am.    This is another church which has quite a history on Kauai which can be read on their site but it is the oldest Catholic Church on the island.

Koloa Missionary Church

Pastor Ernie Johnston was born and raised on Kauai.   The teaching at this church is based on The Word of God and the Grace message.    There is a strong emphasis on Keiki education.

Koloa Union Church

Kahu Alan Akana has been the Pastor since 2014.   The mission statement here is to worship & serve God as well as embracing the Hawaiian identity, language & culture.


Holy Cross Catholic Church


 Kalaheo Missionary Church

This is a Spirit filled church with salvation by grace.   John Zimmerman is the Kahu here.  They emphasize discipleship and children’s ministry as well as holding life groups in different areas.

Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints.

This is the mormon church on the island.     Service time is 10am on Sunday.


Hanapepe Congregational church

A presbyterian church founded in 1890 when services were held in Hawaiian.   Olelo is still incorporated in the service and worship.

 Church of the Nazarene

A protestant/evangelical denomination with a focus on outreach and holiness.  Our theological and doctrinal stances are founded in the Wesleyan tradition, which emphasizes that we are saved by grace through faith.   Pastor Brad Kinoshita leads the church with his wife Britt.

Waimea & Kekaha

New Hope Christian Fellowship 

This is a church that follows the principles outlined by Aimee Semple McPherson Founder of the International Church of The Foursquare Gospel.     Full details are on the site.

St. Theresa’s Catholic Church 


Catholic Church Hawaii

Sacred Hearts Church in Waimea

The Church’s site claims that this is the “westernmost Catholic Church in the US” .      Some services are held here and some at the (in my opinion) far more lovely Sacred Hearts Church (see below).    Mass times are Saturday at 5pm St. Theresa’s, Sunday 7am at Sacred Hearts and 8.30am at St. Theresa’s.   Weekdays 6.30 am Mon – Thursday.    Yet another of the picturesque Kauai Churches.

New Beginnings Assembly of God

This Church teaches based on the Word of God, Salvation by Grace and the presence of The Holy Spirit.    Services at 7 am and 9am on Sundays.

Westside Christian Center

This is an Assembly of God Church so therefore Spirit filled.   They also believe in divine healing.   The Pastor here is Pastor Darryl Kua.   Sunday school is at 9am and service at 10am.


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