Kauai Guide

Dare I say?   The definitive guide to all things Kauai.   Up to date, discerning and clear.

Beaches ~ Hikes ~ Romantic Spots ~ Best places to Propose ~ Activities including the famous Na Pali Coast boat tour ~ Restaurants ~ Farmer's markets ~Spirituality ~ Childcare ~ Best for Families ~ Surfing ~ Extreme Kauai ~ Golf     ... the list is long.

Kauai Sunset over Ke'e

Kauai Sunset

I first wrote my Kauai Guide about 15 years ago.   Since then I have expanded the guide at the request of many visitors.  

Queen's Bath Princeville Fun

Jumping into Queen's Bath

For years, I have been giving guests who book through me my Kauai Guide.   I have often been told “it’s so much better than the guide books! ”  and “why don’t you publish it?”   So I finally did that here on my site.   The Kauai Advisor Kauai guide is  your go to source for all things Kauai :    You can check out my Kauai Advisor Kauai Guide here!

Vibrant Pink of the Longon Kauai

Kauai Color! Vibrant Pink of the Longon Flower

The Kauai Advisor Kauai Guide is now a comprehensive Guide to pretty much all things on Kauai : from hikes to organic food, from beaches to upscale restaurants, from the best fishing to the best Chefs, from the most Romantic Weddings spots to the most daring adventures.    

Get your copy here!   (Coming Soon)