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Shave Ice Kauai

Kauai Restaurants West Side may seem a little shorter than the posts for the other parts of the island but that’s simply because the populated West Side “ends” with Waimea town and Kekaha and Waimea is the only town “West side”.  With less of a population (that’s a good thing) , this naturally means fewer restaurants.    But for those who want to stop and enjoy some shave ice, a taco or something more, there are some very good restaurants in Waimea town as well as Kauai’s last remaining independent local theatre.


Jo Jo’s Shave Ice      Special Mention

Jo Jo’s has locations in Hanalei and Kapa’a, but this is the original place. Opened in 1992.   The flavors are not commercially bought but made locally with yummy Hawaiian produce…..wonderful.    Also, Jo Jo’s gives all their profits to fund free camps for Hawaii’s young people, thank you so much.   That’s really giving back to the community while serving something delicious at the same time.

Stop by Jo Jo’s when you are in Waimea, the original Kauai Shave Ice and top pick for Kauai Restaurants West Side!


Porky's Kauai

Porky’s Waimea – Meat Lovers it’s for you!

“Aloha in a bun” is their tagline.     If you like to eat meat, this is the place for you!  Sausages, beef (local and grass fed) and lots of pork in buns and in rice bowls.   Rated number 1 Trip Advisor in 2017 and very popular with locals and tourists alike.  On Kauai where there are so many vegan, vegetarian and “green” as it were restaurants, Porky’s is unapologetically the place for meat!   And that’s a good thing.   

Island Fish Tacos

These guys also have a location in Poipu.   They ask the question : ” If you made your own tacos, what would you put in them? ”  Hmmm.   Some examples (and they make new ones up on an on going basis) .

*Wasabi seared Hawaiian Tuna

*Slowly Cooked Kalua Pork

*Blackened Mahi Mahi

*Cilantro Lime Tofu

* Classic Taco with Sweet chili sauce.

Sounds good to me!  Kauai Restaurants West Side taco style!

Gina’s Anykine Grinds

Local plate Kauai Gina's

Gina’s Grinds Local Plate

Gina’s is a true local place:   local plates served up for breakfast and lunch.   Taro burgers too and “secret recipe coconut pie”. .    Good food, local grass fed beef so the burgers and meat is local too.   Reasonably priced.   There’s a big selection of food so something for everyone.  Popular with locals and tourists can try real local food!   One of the Kauai Restaurants West Side in Waimea.

The Shrimp Station

Shrimp Station Waimea

Shrimp Station Waimea – stop by for local Shrimp

I love it when restaurants describe exactly what you can eat and this one certainly does.   Coconut shrimp, garlic shrimp, cajun and even shrimp burgers.     Local Shrimp so you know it has to be fresh.   This is the Shrimp station!    Great Kauai Restaurant West side.

Chicken in a Barrel

at the Waimea Plantation Cottages.   Open for breakfast lunch and dinner.   They also have locations in Hanalei, Kapa’a and Lake Tahoe.   This is your American restaurant cafe serving most dishes you would find in a good family restaurant/cafe. 

So that’s the round up for Kauai Restaurants West Side!  For more information about Kauai’s West side, check out my post here.     If you are over in Waimea, you are probably enjoying a tirp up to Koke’e State park to view the famous Waimea Canyon and the lookout down into fabled Kalalau Valley or you have a jeep and are bumping along the road to Polihale, amazing West Side beach.


Whatever it is, stop by for some refreshment in Waimea and enjoy the sunny wonderful West side of Kauai!

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