Kauai Wedding: Top 5 Beaches to get married

Ke'e Beach Sunset

Kauai~ One of the top destinations in the world to get married.   So here’s what you need to know for your Kauai Wedding:  the Top 5 beaches to get married on the garden Isle.

It’s a hard choice in the sense that there are so man


y gorgeous beaches on Kauai!   It’s true.   However, having lived here 22 years, I’ve been to a few weddings and have some inside info on the most beautiful beaches but also the most accessible.

Ke’e Beach

Ke’e is still on the list of the Top 5 Beaches to get married for your Kauai Wedding.   However, there’s a big qualification.   Since the county introduced that all visitors have to buy passes in advance to park at the Ke’e parking lot, this takes a lot more organization.   Way in advance.

Ke'e Beach Sunset

The beautiful thing about Ke’e is that if you walk to the right of the beach from the Lifeguard post, you will have gorgeous views of the beginning of the Na Pali.   Can’t be beat.   But it’s a trek.   This isn’t for a wedding with tons of people.   But if you want to do it, it’s possible!

Hanalei Bay  


What’s more to say?   Hanalei Bay for your Kauai Wedding : must make it on the Top 5 beaches to get married!  Fabled Hanalei Bay; famous half moon circle of a bay with tons of “beaches” to choose from:  Grandpa’s, Pine Trees, Pavilions, The Pier and more.    Easily accessible of course which is great for a wedding.   Gorgeous views of the mountains as well as the Bay.   Here you can have more people too ~ nothing is a crowd at the Bay.

Secret Beach

Such a romantic beach!   Yes, it’s a walk down from the parking lot, but again, this is for probably 30 or less.   Once you are down there, it’s private, gorgeous and a beautiful sunset.    Probably the most private of all the beaches you can find easily to get married on Kauai.  Secret beach is definitely on my list of the Top 5 beaches to get married on Kauai!

Kauapea Beach kauai

Kauapea “Secret” beach
Romantic Spot to propose

Anini Beach

Since Anini is two and a half miles long, it’s not hard to find a spot along the way where you have some space.   I would go towards the end more than the beach park area.    Accessibility here is easy:  you can park the car right next to the sand and the water is 10 feet away.    Perfect.    Gentle, lapping water and if you choose early morning or late afternoon, it can be private too.  One of the all time Top 5 Beaches to get married on Kauai.

Kauai Beach

Anini Beach Romantic Dinner


If you are staying on the South Shore, then this is the beach to get married there.   Accessibility is technically easy and there’s parking, but there’s also usually a lot of people, so get there early for your appointed time.   I would go towards the left of the beach and again, late late afternoon or early morning would be best.  This is the no 1 beach on the South shore and makes it to the Top 5 beaches to get married on Kauai.

Astute readers may note there are no East side or West side beaches.  No.   Lydgate is a beach where some have tied the knot but I wouldn’t put that on the list and Polihale and Mahalepu are not accessible enough on the South and West sides.     Don’t forget to check out my list of Romantic beaches on Kauai and Top 10 beaches in general on Kauai.  



Romantic couple on beach on Kauai


If you want more info or are looking for a wedding planner, I have recommendations for that too.

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