Kauai’s most Romantic Sunset Spots

Many people come to Kauai on their Honeymoon or to get married.   It’s one of the top destinations in the world for both.    Not surprising really, I mean; Kauai has it all:  Sun, Sand, Mountains and gorgeous locations to create special memories.    Kauai’s most Romantic Sunset Spots are impressive indeed!

Kauai's Most Romantic Sunset Spots

Sunset Romantic Spot Kauai

One of the most romantic things to do on your Honeymoon or a special vacation with your beloved is to watch the sunset :   what can be more conducive to love than sitting together on the beach or clifftop or lanai watching a gorgeous sunset over the water?    Gentle breeze, the scent of plumeria or Jasmine wafting over your consciousness and body.   Yep, pretty darn romantic.

So where are the best romantic spots on Kauai to watch the sunset?

Beach Sunset Spots

Gosh well you can go to almost any of Kauai’s gorgeous beaches and watch the sunset, though some offer a better overall view.    It’s hard to pick just 5, but here goes:

Kee Beach

Ke’e beach is the one at the very end of the road on the North Shore, the beginning of the fabled Na Pali Coast and Sunset at Ke’e is an amazing experience as it offers stunning views of the Na Pali.  Depending on the time of year, the Sun sets just off the coast lighting up the ridges & inlets of the coast.     I’ve always suggested getting some deli food or fresh organic food, a bottle of wine and taking a picnic.   Get there at least 30 minutes before Sunset and choose a spot.    Et voila!   The wonders of nature unfold before you.  Ke’e is definitely one of Kaua’s most Romantic Sunset spots!   Magic!

Kauapea Beach

Kauapea Sunset

Sunset Kauapea Beach Kauai Romance

Kauapea beach is a gorgeous sunset spot as it affords wonderful views down the coast and is also a place where you can take a picnic and wait for the wonder of the Sunset.    A fair number of couples have been married at Kauapea beach, movie stars included.  It’s quiet, romantic and beautiful.    My favorite is to walk down to the far right end, tide permitting (don’t go down there when the tide is almost in!) .     Pools, a waterfall from which you can drink.    Quiet.  Paradise.

Lydgate Beach

Lydgate is the renowned family local beach on the island.   Located just to the South of the Wailua River and with an important Heaiau at the northern end, Lydgate is a wonderful place to watch the sunset.

I would recommend going to the north end of the beach, near the Heaiau.    There’s an expanse of grass with palm trees in front of the ocean.    Sit back and enjoy the sun disappearing into the Ocean; maybe you’ll even see that green flash!

Kauai Sunset Romance

Kauai Romantic Sunset for couples

Shipwrecks Beach

If you are in Poipu and want a beach nearby to watch the sunset, then Shipwrecks is the place to go, much better than Poipu beach which is always so much more busy.    Even being where it is, you can still enjoy a stunning Sunset on Shipwrecks, especially at the far left of the beach.

Last time I was there, there was a local couple getting married on the beach.  Simple, serene and perfect.

Polihale Beach

Polihale is one of my favorite beaches to watch the sunset.    I think it’s the closest you can be

Polihale Sunset

Polihale Sunset Kauai ~ Romantic

to the feeling you get being at Kalalau beach; after all it’s only just around the corner, as it were.

I love to be up in the sand dunes as this photo shows.   This was Summer Solstice last year…. From this position, the view of the beach and Sunset is so expansive.    It’s quiet, beautiful and an experience to treasure.    I’d say it’s one of Kauai’s most romantic sunset spots.




Sunset Lookouts

Princeville Look out

Most tourists never make it the Princeville lookout.     Coming from the south, you turn right down Hanalei Plantation Road, the road that has the Police Annexe on the corner.    Follow that down to the end all the way.   You will be driving past multi million dollar homes on your left that have the “Bali Hai” views over Hanalei Valley and Bay.    Keep going down the dirt track for a couple of hundred yards and there’s a small patch of grass and a couple of trees there on the left.

Take in the view.   Spectacular.   Now that’s a Kauai Sunset to remember.   Of course I don’t have a photo of it here…. but you get the picture!

“Sunset Strip”

Now this is one of the most phenomenal Sunset views on the entire island.  Known locally as “Sunset Strip” it’s 99% locals who hang out here.   They start arriving about 30 mins before Sunset and usually stay an hour after.   Guys and gals in their cars pull up and step out to take in that incredible view.   The people who own property on Kauapea road pay millions to have that view… and you get it for free.  Right there.    Wow factor is amazing.    It’s not the place to picnic as there isn’t room, but hey, you have the absolute best view of the sunset on Kauai.

Happy Talk Lounge

If you’d like a more sedate view of Bali Hai and a terrific Kauai Sunset, then on the north shore head over to the Happy Talk Lounge at “HBR” as we all call the Hanalei Bay Resort.    It’s actually in Princeville.    Best hotel views of the bay in Princeville and I love HBR; it has a sort of “Marbella Club” feel it it with tropical walkways and lots of green.

The live entertainment is usually good too.    At the time of writing the restaurant is being refurbished but you can always go for drinks.    It’s definitely one of Kauai’s most Romantic Sunset Spots!

Beach House

For a similar deal on the South Shore, head on over to The Beach House in Poipu.   Yes, expensive but … you are almost on the beach and you first row seating for watching the Sunset.   Romantic.   This is one of Kauai’s most romantic Sunset spots for those wanting to experience a Sunset in classy style.

Opaekaa Falls Lookout Heiau overlooking the River

Opaekaa Falls is a landmark waterfall on Kauai.    It is fabulous and it’s amazing to watch that water cascading down below from the lookout.

However, if you cross over the road and you arrive just before Sunset, another equally amazing view awaits.   That’s Sunset over the Wailua River and the Heaiaus on that side of the road.   Peaceful and quite beautiful, this is a lovely place to catch the sunset after a day hiking up the road or a day at the beach.

Waimea Canyon

Waimea Romantic Sunset

Waimea Canyon ~ Romantic Sunset Kauai



Over on the West Side,  why not catch the Sunset over the Waimea Canyon?   It’s one of the best times to find yourself at the lookout.    Watching the sun set over the spectacular canyon is quite breathtaking.  It’s also incredibly tranquil.   There may be a few others there, but not that many.      The official lookout is not a place to have a picnic, but there are places along the road nearby where you could certainly stop and have romantic moments with your beloved.

I simply couldn’t find any photos of Waimea Canyon at Sunset even though I’ve been there myself at that time of day on more than one occasion.    How odd is that ?   Maybe it’s because we’re all too busy looking at the view to spoil the moment by clicking away to get that perfect shot.   Anyway, you can imagine……



Special Mention ~ Kalalau Beach

I just had to add Kalalau as a special mention because the experience of sitting on Kalalau beach watching the Sun set is unparalleled; I have traveled to a lot of places around the world but so far, nothing compares to watching the Sun set on Kalalau beach.   Why?

Kalalau Beach Romantic Sunset

Kalalau Beach Sunset ~ Romantic

Because it’s quiet.  There are no cell phones, no music, no electronics or noise of any kind.   Just a few other people who have also gathered to gaze at the Sun at this most special moment.      About 3 years ago, I was there by myself.   I had prepared my evening food and had just settled to watch when “bzzzzz” … the sound of a drone!    Not kidding.   I looked over to 3 young guys who it turned out were from South America and explained to them that Kalalau was an electronic free zone and people were gathered to experience the quiet of a Sunset there.   They complied apologetically.

Yes, that’s it.  It’s the absolutely simplicity of watching the Sun set in tranquility.  It feels as though this is how it should be.    Being there with your lover … well that’s just exquisite.   What on earth could be more magical?   For me, Kalalau beach is the ultimate of Kauai’s most Romantic Sunset Spots.




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