Most Romantic Beaches on Kauai

Palm trees Sunset Hawaii

As I wrote that title, my head was filled with “well all the beaches on Kauai are romantic!”     Yes, of course, but there are some that I feel are more romantic (and so do a few other people) because of a variety of reasons:  perhaps they are more secluded, less people, the view is more dramatic, the sunsets are glorious… you get the picture.   So let’s get going with the most Romantic Beaches on Kauai.

Orange sunset on Kauai beach

Most Romantic Beaches on Kauai

Most Romantic Beaches on Kauai

Okay, so maybe it’s obvious, maybe it’s not.   Yes, you have to hike 11 miles to get there, but because of that Kalalau is pristine, has the least number of people, is electronics free (a big plus) and … well you can sit there on the beach together gazing at the sun setting over the fabled Na Pali Coast.

Can you have Champagne glasses and a bottle ?   Well maybe if you want to hike them in and as long as you hike them out again… but it depends what’s more romantic to you… a secluded spot where there’s almost no one around or a gorgeous beach with “easy” access but more people.


Most Romantic Beaches on Kauai

Most Romantic Beaches on Kauai


Personally, I love Kalalau!

North Shore

Ke’e Beach

If you don’t want to hike a round trip of 22 miles, then perhaps Ke’e is the next best thing to being in Kalalau (no, actually that’s Polihale further down the page).   But Ke’e does provide a dramatic view of the Na Pali Coast and if you sit in the right place, you can certainly feel secluded as well as bring the picnic hamper with the Champagne or wine.      Sunsets are glorious here.   One of the most rromantic beaches on Kauai.    Turtles play in the froth out by the reef quite often  and it’s great snorkeling there.

Most Romantic Beaches on Kauai

Ke’e is one of the most favorite beaches for people to get married, so if you go just after sunrise or at sunset, you may witness a simple wedding ceremony.   Always beautiful to watch.


Hanalei Bay

Great Hike with Hanalei Views Kauai

Hanalei Bay from Hihimanu Overlook

Ah well, Hanalei Bay; songs have been written about Hanalei Bay and rightly so; a massive gorgeous half moon of a bay with lots of beaches along it.    A walk along Hanalei Bay in the moonlight must qualify as one of the most romantic things to do on Kauai and yes, absolutely one of the most romantic beaches on Kauai.      If you can’t make sunset, walk along the bay at dawn, it’s magical.

Secret Beach

Not so secret anymore, Kauapea beach or “Secrets’ as it is better known has been featured in a good few magazines and more than a few movie stars have been married here.    That might be because most of the time they stay in one of the multi million dollar homes above the beach on Kauapea Road, but Secrets is still one of the most romantic beaches on Kauai.   Why?   Because you have to walk down a path to get there and although there are homes above on the bluff, you have to walk along the bay to get to the other (south) end.     There are rock pools and even a small waterfall.     Enchanting.

Kauapea Beach kauai

Kauapea “Secret” beach
Romantic Spot to propose

Anini Beach

Anini is two and a half miles long so even in the Summer or over the holiday weeks you can still find a place along its gentle shores where you can be secluded.    Plus, you can drive your car right by the beach so it’s the perfect place for a picnic.

There used to be a company on island called Heavenly Creations who did “dinner for 2” down at Anini.    They would set up a pristine white table and serve gourmet food to couples who were celebrating anniversaries, guys who wanted to propose… one of the most romantic beaches on Kauai.

Larsen’s Beach 

Larsen’s is on this list because apart from being in Kalalau, it’s one of the most secluded beaches on the island.    You have to walk down a path to get there  (only 10 mins) and there are no homes overlooking the bay.    I go for long stretches of time to Larsen’s – 3 or 4 hours at least.   Time flies as you just laze about on the sand and swim in the couple of swimming spots there.    It also happens to be one of the places where you can be naked.

East SIde


Flags ia another beach that you have to hike to get to; I love that hike, along the bluff amongst trees and then down the path onto the lava rock that surrounds the south end of the beach.

Flags is secluded and it’s wonderful swimming.   Stay late and linger.   One of the most romantic beaches on Kauai.

South Shore


Mahalepu is the beach that, like Polihale, it’s a bit of drive to get there.   That’s a good thing.   You drive past the Hyatt and CJM stables in Poipu and keep going down the dirt track.   About 10 mins.   That ends in a T and you turn right.   Another 10 mins and then you arrive.   Park there or further along to the left.

Mahalepu is the most secluded beach on the South shore and gorgeous; I love lazing in the pine trees that grace the shoreline and then hiking along the beautiful hike there on the north end of the beach.   One of the most romantic beaches on Kauai.   Take a picnic.

West Side


Polihale Sunset Kauai

Polihale Sunset Kauai

Ahhh, Polihale.   What more to say?   I just came back from camping there 5 nights.   Like Kalalau, you just detach from outside life.   The most gorgeous beach 7 miles long.   Stunning sunsets so the perfect place for a picnic and proposal, or anything else romantic.   Absolutely one of the most romantic beaches on the island.    Go mid week rather than the weekends for less people and noise.


So that’s it!    As I said at the beginning, truly any of Kauai’s beaches can be called the most romantic… but those are my pick of the most romantic of all.    If you are interested in the most romantic spots to propose, check out my post here.

Couple on Beach holding hands

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