Most Romantic Spots to Propose on Kauai

Kauai's Romantic Spots to Propose

Oh this is one of my favorite topics!

So many people come to Kauai to get married or propose…. it’s considered one of the most Romantic places on Earth and I have to say I agree.    To be honest, almost any of the beaches on Kauai quality for being the one of the Most Romantic places to propose on Kauai.

I decided to divide my suggestions between the most Romantic spots in Nature and the most Romantic spots to include other places.     So here goes:


Most Romantic Spots in Nature to Propose on Kauai

  • . Ke’e Beach at Sunset

Ke’e beach is the most northern beach on the island and the starting point for the hike to the Na Pali Coast.      Most people leave in the hour or two coming up to Sunset so the beach clears out towards Sunset.

Ke'e Beach Sunset over the Na Pali

Ke’e Beach at Sunset ~ most Romantic Place to Propose!

Ke’e is a beautiful beach in its own right.   If you stay by where the Lifeguard station is there are places to swim inside the reef.    Near the reef you might see Turtles most of the year.      There are lots of lava rocks over to the left and little pools form which is a wonderland for little children.

If you walk over to the right, the beach stretches for over half a mile and the further up you go, the better view you have of Sunset over the Na Pali.    So for a romantic place to propose, arrive about an hour before sunset with your hamper containing a bottle of bubbly or wine of your choice and perhaps your favorite snack.     It’s just a great place to watch the suset you say, let’s go do that.    Then you have that wonderful setting:   Sunset over the Na Pali, maybe even a surfer or two out surfing the reef late and a bottle of wine ….. it’s quite the setting.

  • Dinner on the Beach at Anini

A lot of people choose to get married at Anini.   No wonder, it’s probably the most accessible beach to either get married or propose.    Anini is two and a half miles long and along most of that stretch you can park and literally step out onto the sand.      When you have a hamper with dinner or wine and snacks, that’s pretty handy.

There used to be a terrific company on island called “Heavenly Creations”.    Sad that they longer exist as they used to be the premier catering company on the island for weddings and also used to do the “Romantic Dinner for Two” on the beach, usually at Anini.   I did it once and I have to say that was an amazing experience!     You arrive to the beach and there set up on that sandy patch amidst the rocks and with water gently lapping 6 feet away is a table with a pristine white table cloth set with glasses, silverware and flowers floating in water.    Wow.   Your server is there with a Chaffuse keeping the food hot.

Romantic Dinner on the beach at Anini

Anini Beach Romantic Dinner

Now, to my knowledge, there’s no one actually providing this service anymore… but there is nothing to stop you hiring a private chef (for which I have suggestions) and seeing if they will do the serving or just have them provide a cold repast and just do that.      Email me if interested.


  •  Kauapea (Secret) Beach


Kauapea beach, most often called Secret Beach is one of the most beautiful beaches on Kauai and more than a few movie stars have had their Wedding either on the beach or in one of the spectacular homes above it.

The real name is Kauapea beach, but it’s been known as Secret beach for a long time.    One of the things that makes it so special is that you have to hike down to get to it and it’s not surrounded by homes.    It’s only 5 minutes down a fairly easy path down to the beach (longer to come up of course).    Once down at the bottom, most of the beach stretches out to your right, or south, although when the tide is out, there is a small sandy area to the left of the lava rock too.

Kauapea Beach kauai

Kauapea “Secret” beach
Romantic Spot to propose

I always tell people to go way down the end.   That’s where you have the best view of the Sunset and where in the Summer you can see the pools that form there.   There’s even a waterfall for fresh water.

It’s secluded, it’s stunning and it’s the perfect place to propose.   Take your hamper and bubbly and don’t forget the ring!


  • Kalalau

Perhaps this is for the more adventurous among you, but hiking into Kalalau Valley means you can propose either there or anywhere along the Na Pali Coast.    Of course you can’t really take the hamper and bottle of bubbly with you (or I suppose you could, if you were going to propose somewhere between Ke’e an Hanakapiai) but sitting on the beach in Kalalau where you are completely away from phones or electronics of any kind.. that’s pretty cool.    There are other ways you can make it special :   Flowers, a Lei, the Ring or something special to you both.    Sunset in Kalalau is wonderful because the Helicopters have finally stopped (they start at 8am) and Peace reigns supreme.


  • At a Waterfall

Here you have a choice of various waterfalls around the island.    Some are fairly accessible and some require a trek on a Kayak and through the jungle (like Secret Fallsor Kilauea Falls.  You could even do it at Hanakapiai Falls which would definitely be one of the most Romantic places to propose on Kauai!

Kauai Waterfall Romantic Proposal

Waterfall Kauai, Romantic Spot to Propose!

I think I would probably go for  a proposal at one of the smaller waterfalls, such as the one you reach after kayaking up the Huleia River.    Very achievable!  Of course, when you have a kayak, you can just about take a hamper, or the contents of a hamper at least.


  • At Sunrise at either Aliomanu, Anahola or Lydgate Beach

All 3 of these beaches are on the East side and therefore face the sun for the wonderful Kauai Sunrise.

Hawaiians who still practice their ancient tradition still rise in the early hours  (between 3 and 5) and get to the beach before the dawn happens in time to greet the sun.    The Kumu Hula (Medicine Woman or Man or Hula) will lead the chant just before the Sun starts.   All present face the Sun and chant the timeless greeting to the Sun in welcome of the new day.

Many people decide to get married at this time and then have a wonderful breakfast reception on the beach.    It’s also one of the most romantic times to propose.   Prepare a breakfast hamper, add some Champagne and orange juice for a Mimosa and head to any of those beaches.    The quietest would probably be a patch along Aliomanu but at daybreak any of these beaches will be quiet.     What a way to start the day!    Ah yes, one of the most Romantic places to propose on Kauai!


More Traditional Romantic Places to Propose on Kauai

For those who would rather propose in an actual restaurant or at least not on the sand….here are my suggestions:

  • . On the Lanai of the Hanalei Bay Resort  ~ Sunset

I might have suggested on the Lanai of the St. Regis but my preference is the Lanai at the Hanalei Bay Resort, or HBR as the local call it.    The Lanai here is classy and the view is stupendous… it’s the “Bali Hai” view that people recognize and it’s a wonderful place to propose.    You can also eat here but come here mainly for the view!

Hanalei Bay Resort Kauai

Hanalei Bay Resort, View

Photo Credit:   Hanalei Bay Resort Website :  You’ll be able to read more about HBR in a later blog post; it’s my favorite resort on the North Shore, reminds me of the Marbella Club in Spain; tropical walkways, beautifully done.


  •  Beach House Restaurant, Poipu

The Beach House is one of the few restaurants right on the beach with an ocean view on Kauai.    For that reason, it’s a great place to propose.   The food is good, though not on my best restaurants on Kauai list but it’s certainly good enough to do your thing!.    The view is wonderful and particularly if you are staying on the South Shore, this would be a great place to propose.


  • Dinner at JO2, Kapa’a

This is for the Gourmet traveler…. if Michelin made it out to Hawaii, this place would have at least one star.    Set in an unprepossessing shopping mall in Kapa’a, this restaurant is my top pick on Kauai for gourmet food.   Chef Jean Marie Josselin used to own “A Pacific Cafe” for many years.   That closed at least 15 years ago but thankfully Chef Jean Marie came back ….. thank you thank you!

Enjoying spectacular food at JO2 Kauai

JO2 ~ amazing food and a great place to propose on Kauai!

The ambience inside is simple yet pleasing and the food is… spectacular.    So if you and

your loved one are food afficionados… then perhaps this is the place for you.  I particularly appreciate Chef’s use of organic locally grown produce in all dishes.

And here I am enjoying dessert   – the best Pannacotta I’ve had outside of gourmet restaurants in Italy – you can tell by the look on my face I’m appreciative!   For more info on Restaurants check out the links for North Shore Restaurants, East Side, South Shore & West Side. 


Adventurous Romantic Spots to Propose on Kauai

There are those that are so adventurous, only something truly “out there” will suffice when it comes to proposing… so for those guys, here you go:

  • On a boat, on the Water

  • For this one I always think that hanging down on the net of the catarmarran with Dolphins leaping around would be a cool place to propose… or maybe having the Captain surprise you both with some bubbly while you stand at the stern of the boat looking back at the Na Pali?    Pretty cool and assuredly one of the most romantic places to propose on Kauai!    If you can do it, hire a private yacht or catamarran and have the boat to yourselves.
  • . On a Helicopter Ride

Now, if you can get the helicopter ride that lands at a waterfall, that’s probably how to do it. Island Helicopters are the only company who do this and you are in safe hands :  Curt Lofstedt has been flying over Kauai for 40 years.  Otherwise, you can take a regular helicopter tour…   thing is… proposing IN a helicopter is virtually impossible because you can’t hear anything… or you have to wait until you land, not so romantic.     Although, on arrival back at the airport, if the Captain is in on it and someone brings the bubbly to the door of the helicopter, that could work!

  •  Horsback Riding to a Waterfall

This is one of my favorite things to do on Kauai in general and it would be such a romantic thing to propose once you get to the waterfall.    Possibly for the horse lovers and outdoorsy people, but that’s most people who come to Kauai!   I love the Horseback Riding to a Waterfall Adventure by Princeville Ranch Adventures.   This is an epic adventure through the tropical landscape of the North Shore to a private waterfall.   Wonderful!

  •  Rapelling

Ok so this is for the real adventure types.    There’s a crazy tour you can do where rapelling is part of the trip.   “Da Boys” at Da Life Outdoors are the guys who do this.   Local boys who take you up the Huleia River into the Nature Reserve and have you rapelling down a waterfall!   Crazy!    Waiting above or below with a bottle given to you by the crew might be pretty enthalling!   Not sure if they’d go for that but just doing the waterfall rapel together would be pretty amazing!

  •  Skydiving

Again, can’t quite do that in the plane or actually while you are falling….. unless you happen to be trained and can be the guide yourself.    But hey!   The ride is SO friggin awe inspiring and full of wow factor, the high is so high.. that having one of the crew come up with the necessary Bubbly and Ring…. now that’s a pretty darn “out there” place and surely one of the most romantic places to propose on Kauai!   Kauai Sky Dive are the guys who do this from the West side.

There are more romantic places than listed above, of course there are… those are just a few of my suggestions.      Coming soon I’ll be doing the best places to get married on Kauai so check back for that one.

For more info on activities go here.  


A Hui Hou!


Most Romantic Spot to Propose



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