Organic Kauai Products

Rosemary & Sea Salt baguette

Following my post on “Organic Kauai”,  I wanted to delve deeper into some of the terrific Organic products that you can both buy on Kauai and that you can order after you return home.    Fortunately the list of organic products on Kauai is growing all the time.

This is not a complete list which I’m rather happy about; it means I can do an “Organic Kauai Products part 2” later.

Face & Body Creme

Healing Beauty Balm

Healing Beauty Balm by Kauai Farmacy



Kauai Farmacy has the Healing Beauty Balm which I love, the Botanical Body Butter and the Comfrey Salve, which is a standard in my medicine cabinet.    They also have some healing hydrosols that are  all wonderful.    All the ingredients in these products are organic and free of any stuff that is not good for you.    Feels wonderful on your skin!


Greensong Botanicals Body Butter

Greensong Botanicals Body Butter Kauai



Greensong Botanicals   

Lisa Parker has some lovely Greensong Body Butter as well as a full line of cleansing & hydrosols to try.    Lovingly made by Lisa in Kapa’a.   Lisa has her own fascinating healing journey and as she says, your skin is the largest part of your body and what you put on it seeps into your entire system.    Better use good stuff!  Photo courtesy of Greensong Botanicals



Sarah’s Sweet Scrubs   

Sarah makes a variety of organic cremes for face and body as well as some Kauai Essential Oils.   Her face cremes come with some lovely scents which are typically Hawaiian; I particularly like the Tuberose, scent of the Angels.  Not all her ingredients are Kauai grown but they are organic.     Thank you Sarah!      She also makes the best organic Sunscreen.


I want to mention here about the effect that regular commercial sunscreens are having on Kauai’s reefs.    Many of us have been aware of this for some time.  However recently, a young Kauai born girl called Kalina Jones with some of her friends highlighted this by making signs which you will now see at many of the beaches with information about just how toxic those sunscreens can be.    Kalina & her friends even list some of the more toxic chemicals to avoid along with the intelligent advice that if you can’t pronounce an ingredient, it’s probably not good for you.

No Toxic Sunscreen

No Toxic Sunscreen ~ it harms Kauai’s reefs, photo courtesy of Kalina Jones

The really interesting fact though is that because for the last year tourists have not been allowed on beaches north of Hanalei (actually no one has, except for the people who live there) due to the flood that you probably heard about back in April 2017.     It’s actually been more than a year… more like a year and 3 months.    Guess what?   The reefs are clear again… more fish are back, just because of the lack of that toxic sunscreen.   So please don’t use regular commercially bought sunscreen with all those chemicals, it’s not good for you or your children and certainly not good for Kauai’s reefs and oceans.   You can read Kalina’s Instagram post here.    Thank you for your Kokua .

Sarah’s Sweet Scubs Zinc Sunscreen.

Organic Kauai Sunscreen

Organic Zinc SunScreen by Sarah’s Sweet Scubs ~ best for the Reef


Simple Zinc sunblock works way better than the commercial brands too.     Try Sarah’s Zinc Sunscreen or Happy as Larry Organic Sunscreen.   As Sarah says, it’s “reef safe”.   Thank you!

Happy as Larry Organic Sunscreen

Happy as Larry also has organic sunscreen.    At the time of writing, the website seems to be experiencing issues but hopefully it will be back to normal soon.    Great product.


Mcphee’s Bees  makes the best Raw honey.   Manda McPhee loves bees and you can tell.   Her raw honey is delicious and she also does beeswax bars and propolis tincture.    You can buy it at all the Organic food stores and a few other places.   They also supply a number of restaurants and the Kauai Farmacy.

McPhees Bees Kauai

Manda McPhee & her wonderful Honey!
Photo courtesy of Mcphees Bees

Kauai Island Honey is the biggest and most well known honey maker on the island.    Found in all major stores.    Chester does not have his own website and is known as something of  a recluse.   But he takes care of the bees beautifully and I don’t mind that he prefers bees to humans!    So it’s just about enjoying the honey.    Thank you bees and Kauai Island Honey.

I also like Oliver Shagnasty’s honey.    Another small organic producer.

Harmonius Roots Hummus, Babaghanoosh & more

Harmonius Roots Huumus

Harmonius Roots Organic Hummus…. delicious!

Love this food!    This burst onto the Kauai market about 2 -3 years ago and has quickly become a favorite.   Kimya makes the most delicious Persian inspired food also “inspired by da aina” as the products state.   I love Hummus (the real kind as it’s served in Persia/Iran and the rest of the Middle east, not the variations found over here! ) . and Babaghanoosh and more.

I  adore the Babaghanoosh and the Hummus and everything else.   This Hummus is even better than the original … “supergreens” hummus – yum.    Highly recommended!

Uncle Mikey’s Dried Fruit

Uncle Mickey's Dried Mango

Uncle Mickey’s amazing Dried Mango


I absolutely adore Uncle Mikey’s dried Pineapple….. and Mango…. and pretty much all of it.   Nothing is dried to a crisp and the quality is consistent.     Available at all the organic stores and more.    As Uncle Mickey says “no weird stuff added”.     We love it that way.    Thanks Uncle Mikey!  Photo Credit :  Uncle Mickey





Midnight Bear Breads

I have lived in France and therefore not surprisingly have eaten some of the best bread and croissants available.       Midnight Bear Breads could hold its ground over in France.   The bread and pastries are that good.    Seriously.    Like this Rosemary and Sea Salt Baguette.  Perfection.

Rosemary & Sea Salt baguette

Rosemary & Sea Salt Baguette from Midnight Bear Bakery ~ perfection

Photo courtesy of Midnight Bear Bakery. 

Ursa Swift and Evan McAfee have owned and operated the bakery since 2012 in Hanapepe .     Their bakery and shop in Hanapepe is a must stop if you are passing through.    They also do tartines, Panini and Pizza, all absolutely fantastic.    I always stop there for an amazing almond croissant!    I buy the breads regularly from stores all over Kauai.   Excellent.

Noni Juice

Wailua River Noni Juice

Wailua River Organic Noni Juice courtesy of the Hindu Monastery, Kauai

Wailua River Noni Juice is produced by the Hindu Monastery in Wailua.  (Hindu Monastery) .  The monastery has stunning views over the Wailua River and their Noni juice is organic and wonderful.

From their site:  “The monks personally oversee every phase of production–from harvest to juice to bottling– in order to ensure the finest possible product. The noni is picked ripe from our organically grown trees, washed and set in barrels to ferment for 60+ days, then pressed, filtered and bottled with no added ingredients. ”

Photo courtesy of the Hindu Monastery.


Jeanie’s GreenMax Pro  Organic Raw Cleaner

This is nothing like Simple Green (which by the way it neither Organic nor free of toxic chemicals).    This is totally organic, pure completely chemical free cleaner that works for everything.     Testimonials abound for how amazing this stuff is.   If you’ve heard of Miracle Soap.. this is better.

GreenMax Pro Cleaner

Jeanie’s amazing GreenMax Pro Cleaner

Check out Jeanie’s site and try some!

Et voila!   Just some of the wonderful Organic Kauai Products available on island.    Enjoy!


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