“Princeville Ruins” ~ Stunning Views of the Bay

Hanalei Bay View Kauai

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I go to the “Ruins” as we all call it often.   The Princeville Ruins  ~ Stunning Views of the Bay ~ is at the end of Hanalei Plantation Road above Hanalei on the outskirts of Princeville.    These are the ruins of the old Club Med property after it was demolished (all but the foundations mostly) by Iniki in 1992.

Stunning Panoramic View of Hanalei Bay

Princeville Ruins View of Bay

Panorama View of Hanalei Bay


An Old Club Med Property ~ Princeville Ruins

Per most Club Med properties, there was not one big hotel, rather a series of small units each with an ocean view.      What survived Iniki are the concrete  foundations of these units which are now grown over with ferns, trees around about and grass.    It’s hard to describe so here’s a couple of photos:    Quite lovely!


Trees & vines overgrowing ruins

Vines overgrowing old Club Med Ruins, Princeville

Walk through the tropical Princeville Ruins to the beach

To access the Princeville Ruins ~ Stunning Views of the Bay, you drive to the end of Hanalei Plantation Road and park near to “Nourish”, the wonderful food truck parked right there with the fabulous “Bali Hai” views for seating.   Walk to the side of the barrier and you start your walk down to Princeville beach.   The beginning of the walk takes you through huge Mango trees and if you’re there in May, you get lucky – that is if you manage to grab some mangoes before the ever present chicken population!   No no!   they are not the official bird of Hawaii, that’s the Nene.

Vibrant Tropical Greenery with Views of the Bay

Then you start to see the concrete remains overgrown with massive “cheese plants” which curl up and around the enormous pine trees.   As you walk a bit further you start to see the azure blue ocean and those ocean views get more expansive as you continue down.   There are beautiful grassy areas on either side and places to stop and capture the stunning views.   And they really are stunning.   Club Med always picks the best spots.

Hanalei Bay View Kauai

Hanalei Bay Close up view


Continuing down the trail brings you closer to the beach and if you walk to the side you can hear the sounds of happy children splashing about in the Hanalei river which comes out to the left (north) of the pathway.   Finally you come out on the Princeville beach – it’s rocky right there but brave souls have ventured to walk around either to the right to the beach outside the – oh gosh it’s changed names so many times, currently the incredulously priced “One Resort” beach  (which is not private, all beaches on Kauai are public) or to the left to the river and Hanalei Bay proper.   You cannot wade across the river though so be aware.

Sunsets & Sounds of Fun

What you can do is take some spectacular photos there of the bay and that  “Makana” or “Bali Hai” view… just like this one.


Sunset at the beach Kauai

Gorgeous sunset at Princeville Ruins beach

I love to go to this place.  Not too crowded.   Fun to walk down there and you will encounter a number of locals walking their dogs.    Here’s a lovely Red Ginger growing amongst the tropical greenery:


Tropical Red Ginger plant Kauai

Gorgeous Red Ginger plant at Princeville Ruins


Enjoy the Princeville Ruins ~ Stunning Views of the Bay !

Tropical greenery on Kauai           


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