Serene Meditation Spots on Kauai

Monk Meditating

Meditation has thankfully become a part of many people’s lives across the Western hemisphere.     Whilst meditating anywhere is an excellent practice, I find meditating outdoors on the Earth is an even more rewarding experience.     Over the years, I have found some wonderful serene meditation spots on Kauai.

Monk Meditating

Meditation ~ good for the Spirit

North Shore

Ke’e beach or Tunnels at Sunset

If you go to Ke’e (and remember you need a parking permit now to park there) and either walk a little way up on the stone path to the left or walk to the way right.    Way right offers a gorgeous view, probably best for sunset and if you go far enough down, there are very few people.    Now the parking permits are required, even fewer.   Ke’e at Sunset definitely qualifies as a serene meditation spot on Kauai.

If you don’t want to go as far as Ke’e, you can do the same thing at Tunnels or the beach directly opposite Alealea Road … near the YMCA.   Though small, it’s quiet.  If you’re interested in the best spots to watch sunsets on Kauai, take a look at my post on romantic sunset spots here.

Magical Kauai Sunset

Ke’e beach ~ serene meditation spot on Kauai

Hanalei Plantation Road ~ the old Club Med ruins

Take Hanalei Plantation Road (the road where there’s a police & fire station on the corner) to the end.   IT turns into a dirt track.  Park at the end and walk down past the concrete remains of the old Club Med (totalled by Iniki in ’92) .   You can always find a quiet place to meditate here; it’s one of my favorite serene meditation spots on Kauai.

Powerline Trail

Powerline Trail is the one that starts at the end of Kapaka Street, the road opposite the Church of the Pacific just before you come into Princeville.     Drive to the end of the road and park near the electricity building.   The trail goes for miles and you can actually hike all the way through to Wailua… but for meditation, you can just hike as far as you want; the views are spectacular of the Hanalei River and valley below.   One of the most peaceful serene meditation spots on Kauai.

Common Ground/Wai Koa

Drive into what used to be “Common Ground” and before that the old Guava Kai Plantation at the end of Kuawa Road.      Walk forward …. on the way to the old ponds you will find various quiet places off the path where you can meditate and be still.   Another of my favorite serene meditation spots on Kauai.

Anini at Sunrise

Most of the time, Anini beach has people; that’s a good thing.    At daybreak though, the only people around are the local fishermen who go early to catch the fish.    I love sitting on the sand at the far end of Anini and meditating at this time of day; a beautiful and serene meditation spot on Kauai.

Pila’a in the Trees

I love this spot… or spots.   I suppose I have lots of favorite serene mediation spots on Kauai!   This is on the right hand path… just find a place in the trees with a view of the ocean.   You may think ‘ah but people will be using the path” .. yes, but not that many and you are tucked away gazing at the ocean.   Beautiful!

Pila'a Beach Kauai Top 10 Beach

Meditate above Pila’a beach


Where the Souls come in.   The Ahupua’a of Anahola is “where the souls come in”.  I may write a post about that later.   But find a spot anywhere near where the Anahola river meets the ocean or on the Mauka side of the highway, up Hokualele Road.

East Side

Kahuna Road

If you drive to the end of the end of Kahuna Road, you can hike back along the river.   It’s quite a challenging hike and sometimes you are climbing back over huge boulders… but there are some wonderful serene meditation spots there .

Heiau by Kauai Shores & Lae Nani

Right on the beach between the Kauai Shores hotel and Lae Nani in between Kapa’a and Wailua, there is a heaiau (Hawaiian Sacred Site).   It’s quiet and at certain times of the day it’s possible to meditate here.   Early morning, late evening.

Sacred Forest Hindu Monastery

Wailua RIver Kauai

Wailua near the Sacred Forest

4 miles up Kuamoo Road, the Hindu Monastery has created the “Sacred Forest”.   It is a forest of Rudraksha trees, planted by the Monk who first envisioned the monastery on Kauai.    People do come to visit, but most of the time it is very quiet and one of the most wonderful and serene meditation spots on Kauai.    I have spent many hours there in quiet reflection.     The only time to avoid (but even then no one bothers you) is immediately after noon on the days when there is a tour of the monastery; people usually finish off their visit by coming to the Sacred Forest.

South Shore


One of my favorite beaches, Mahelpu is a beautiful beach.   There are pine trees growing almost around the entire southern end of the beach and sitting in here is my favorite place to meditate on the South Shore.    This lovely location definitely qualifies for one of the most serene spots on Kauai to meditate.   If you interested in Kauai beaches, you can find more about that here.

West Side


Hammock at the beach

Meditate in your hammock at Polihale

aaahhh Polihale.  Where the Souls Depart.   The most amazing place to meditate and absolutely one of the most serene spots to meditate on Kauai.    You can choose a spot anywhere on the beach under an umbrella and be still while you gaze at the stunning peaks that jut out at the far end of the beach.   You can sit amongst the trees that line the beach and gaze at the ocean.   It’s beautiful and quiet.   Times to avoid would be weekends when lots of families go and unfortunately some people go with atvs.   During the week is better.


Compared to most places on the planet, Kauai is more quiet and there are more places to meditate and be still than almost anywhere.   So you can just explore and always find a spot on a beach or on a hike where you can be still and meditate.   I personally find that it’s much easier to meditate on the Earth; your Spirit is already calmed by the energy of nature.   And what more beautiful example of magical nature than Kauai?



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